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Rack System

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The solution for all network and server applications. Whether you need a network rack to house a distribution board, or server racks for an edge, colocation or hyperscale data centre, the new VX IT provides the ideal platform and meets all the requirements of a modern IT infrastructure. The new VX IT is based on a modular concept with a customer-friendly configurator to guide you quickly and easily to a solution that is tailored to your individual requirements.

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The platform meets all expectations of a modern network or server rack. Tool-free interior installation, maximum load capacity and structured cable management for universal use as a corridor distributor or in the data centre. The perfect equipment to suit any climate control concept: Solid glazed door for high-performance server applications with refrigerant- or water-based LCP cooling or vented doors for room air-conditioning


TE 8000

The TE 8000 provides a flexible platform for a wide range of requirements. The frameless design of the enclosure, which may be dismantled, allows optimum access to the 482.6 mm (19") level during installation, for all work on your installed equipment, and for any future reconfigurations.

Enclosure System

vertical box.jpg

Vertical Box

Compact 482.6 mm (19") enclosure for small networks that may be used as a wall-mounted, under-desk or desktop enclosure.

flat box.jpg

Flat Box

Flat-packed enclosure. For optimum access and flexible use as a wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosure.


Wall-mounted Enclosures

3-part wall-mounted enclosure with 482.6 mm (19") mounting level and designer glazed door. The vertically hinged desk unit provides optimum access to the installed components from the front and rear. The wall-mounting part allows cable entry from above or below.



Power Distribution Rack

Enclosure system Power Distribution Rack with busbar and main switch, prepared for 482.6 mm (19") fuse module.


Power Distribution Unit PDU

With the compact PDU, any IT rack is equipped with a professional power distribution system. Tool-free installation in the zero-U space of the IT server racks. The extensive power measurement and monitoring functions make the PDU an efficient, reliable investment.


Power System Module PSM

One or two infeeds with one phase or three phases, redundancy thanks to a change of the direction of connection of the socket module. Optional measurement of voltage, current and power consumption.



Liquid Cooling Package LCP

LCP CW: Extremely high heat loads are dissipated from the IT racks via air/water heat exchangers.


LCP DX: Ideal for cooling of small and medium-sized IT applications.

aisle con..jpg

Aisle Containment

Door and roof components separate hot and cold air in the data centre. Such a separation is pivotal to increasing the efficiency of climate control technology. It may be used as a hot or cold aisle containment.

rm_blue e+.jpg

Roof-mounted Cooling Unit IT

The use of Blue e+ technology makes this bundle ideally suited to the requirements of energy-efficient cooling of IT racks. In combination with the IoT interfaces, it supports communication with various systems as well as monitoring and energy management.

Monitoring & Security


CMC III - Monitoring System

IT security is now inextricably linked with the Computer Multi Control (CMC) monitoring system. It has become firmly established as a permanent feature of physical IT security, allowing modern IT infrastructures to be operated securely, while at the same time ensuring optimum performance.

fire alarm detac.jpg

Fire Alarm System DET-AC

With the VdS-tested early fire detection and extinguishing system for network and server enclosures, up to five bayed racks may be monitored and extinguished in the event of a fire. The environmentally-friendly extinguisher NOVEC™ 1230 is not harmful to IT components

security room.jpg

Security Rooms

Basic protection or high availability protection for data centres. Whether you are planning a new building or an extension to your data centre, we are at your side with decades of experience.

Modular Data Center Solutions


Rimatrix S

RiMatrix S – the revolutionary alternative to individual data centre construction. Here, you will find preconfigured, complete and standardised data centre modules. Your IT infrastructure – Complete and ready to use. The local conditions are only a secondary consideration because RiMatrix S is used both in existing properties and in container data centres. The significantly reduced planning times are key, because these highly efficient modules are fully pre-planned, including existing data sheets, implementation diagrams and documentation. In the long term, not only will you benefit from this system- tested solution, but also from a significant reduction in your electricity bills, which can be calculated in detail even at the planning phase.


Rimatrix Data Center Container 

Modular container-housed data centres offer the ideal scalable solution. Whether customised for SME, cloud or edge applications or preconfigured data centre containers, our modular container system always offers you the perfect solution for your needs.


Edge Data Center

Big data is the key driving force in numerous areas of industry, trade and business. Efficient and fast processing of data is of utmost importance. Using the Edge Data Center, you can build an IT environment quickly and easily that ensures short latency times combined with maximum computing power and security.

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