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High Voltage Cables

These cables used in energy networks with sudden load changes laid in residentail or industrial areas, underground or in ducts. If the cables gets water inside due to the mechanical damages swellable tapes prevent the water.


- Permissible operating temp.: 90°C


- Max. short circuit temp.: 250°C (+≤ 5 sec.)


- Installation temp. min: -20°C


Medium Voltage Cables

They are used in cable ducts, outdoor and indoor installations, under ground where the short circuit levels are high and industrial areas fed by electrical also these cables use where there is risk of mechanical damage.


- Maximum operating temp.:90°C


- Max.short circuit temp.:250°C (+≥ 5 sn)


- Installation temp.min:-5 °C


- Standarts: TS IEC 60502-2 VDE 0276


Low Voltage Cables

At power distribution stations, house hold premises at industrial plants in cable ducts and pipes. Where there is no risk of mechanical damage.


- Permissibe operating temp.:70°C


- Max.short circuit temp.:160°C (+≤ 5 sec.)


- Test voltage (AC): 3,5 kV


- Installation temp.min:-5 °C



Halogen Free Cables

These cables are used in internal and external places school, hospital, meeting rooms and shopping centers.


- Permissibe operating temp.:90°C


- Color of outer sheath: Orange


- Max.short circuit temp.:250°C


- Installation temp.min:-20 °C


Telecommunication Cables

Telecom cables with copper conductor used in local telephone network is produced in accordance with international standards as per customer specifications. Telecom cables are produced in different constructions for different applications listed below according to the specifications.



- Insulation Type: Polyethylene,PVC

- Twisting Methode: Pair, Quad

- Installation Type: Underground, Aerial

- Construction: Jelly, Dry core,Armoured


Solar Cables

The photovoltaic power is well on the way to becoming a fully competitive part of the electricity system in the European Union (EU) and an increasingly important part of the energy mix around the Globe. 


- 0.6 to1kV


- Cross-linked polyolefin insulation


- Rooftop or in solar fields


- Resistant temperature -40°C- 120°C  


- Zero-halogen cables


- UL and TÜV-certified


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