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Diesel Generators Sets

We provide tailormade power solutions accordingly to customer needs as well as serving with a wide range of products starting from 0,5 kVA to 3550 kVA.


Biogas Generators Sets

Methane, which has lower flammability than that of natural gas, is formed by the breakdown of organic wastes due to some reasons. Generator sets driven by this type of gas not only prevent wastes from harming the nature, but also deliver significant cost advantage in energy production.


Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Natural gas and biogas-based cogeneration-trigeneration solutions, which are preffered mainly by the industrial plants, can meet electricity, heating and cooling needs of the facilities at the same time with high energy efficiency and deliver significant cost advantages to the companies.


Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid system is a complete electrical power supply solution that can be easily configured to meet a broad range of power needs.

Hybrid Power System, a renewable and efficient energy solution and being preferred mostly in telecommunications, agriculture and heavy construction projects.


Lighting Towers

Lighting Towers, which are ideal for enlighting of construction sites, concrete works, road-bridge production works and outdoor organizations that are in open area and their usage places replace frequently, can also be produced with private sound level in accordance with customer requests.


Portable Generators Sets

Mini Generator Sets provide the power you need with maximum efficiency. Thanks to their compact and durable designs, high performance with low fuel consumption and power output range of 2,4-16 kVA, mobile products deliver more than you expect.

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