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Project Management

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Our experts deliver comprehensive project management across wind projects.

Full scope project management covering planning and coordination, contract management, cost reporting, HSEQ surveillance, interface management, risk management and third-party relations. 

Coordinating all BoP activities, including the execution of procurement, manufacturing, transport, installation, commissioning and testing, while ensuring quality. We review and comment on design and fabrication as well as managing the execution of pre-assembly, installation and commissioning of technology according to supply agreement with the manufacturer. Managing quality assurance planning and execution across all packages, contracts and contractors to ensure a quality project for the best business case. Undertaking management of permit issues, supporting the delivery of environmental and regulatory milestones, grid connection and certification. 




Delivering successful projects for our clients.

Planning and executing a successful wind or solar project is a highly complex, extensive process that requires a detail-driven approach to get right. An oversight in managing interfaces or an issue during permitting can not only result in delays, but can have a costly impact on your business case working with a highly-experienced team of project managers to manage project execution can not only minimize risk, but can ensure that your project is delivered on-time and on-budget

Our analysis provide accurate energy estimates for the site including uncertainty analysis and recommendations for strategies to reduce uncertainty. 



Adding value from start to finish.

The foundation of a robust business case relies on accurate understanding of resource, so we undertake monitoring of  data and witnessing of measurement installation which inputs into preliminary energy resource estimates. Every project is different and that's why they demand a carefully thought-out contracting strategy to balance risk mitigation and optimising financial gains.That's why working with us on your contracting setup and risk analysis is so important. Support in developing, delivering and maintaining the project's master schedule and the project execution plan ensures that your project remains on time and, subsequently, within budget. From foundation design and substation concepts, to array layout options and electrical system design, our engineering team give detailed insights based on site-specific conditions. Our engineers will give a high-level indication of seabed or soil conditions, water depths and topography to feed into concept design and feasibility studies. 

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